Saturday, May 28, 2005

Back to the character...

today i signed on to aim and i found some of tha houston wanna-be groupiez on my shit, im'ing me. imma go back to the character. i wanted to blog about my borin life. but i never had time nor effort. but this shit is just easy to do and i dont even have to spend much time on it. here are the transcripts (btw this first chick is pretty hot):

BABYGIRL69473327: HEY!
HoustonSdot: hey
BABYGIRL69473327: is this really Houston?
BABYGIRL69473327: I'm listening to u now!
BABYGIRL69473327: I hope you are all better now
HoustonSdot: thanx
HoustonSdot: whatz your name/
BABYGIRL69473327: I am your biggest fan
BABYGIRL69473327: Adrienne
BABYGIRL69473327: I hate to sound nosy but what happenned that day?
HoustonSdot: what day?
BABYGIRL69473327: I have pics
BABYGIRL69473327: the day you lost your eye
HoustonSdot: too many things happened
HoustonSdot: i really dont like talking about it that much
HoustonSdot: just on certain days when i let it out
BABYGIRL69473327: man when I heard i wanted to cry you are so young and cute
HoustonSdot: you are cute too
BABYGIRL69473327: I hope u come back with more music! I thought I heard a new song from u
BABYGIRL69473327: Man u make me wanna move 2 Cali LOL
HoustonSdot: cali's a good place
HoustonSdot: where are you now?
BABYGIRL69473327: Ohio
HoustonSdot: that any good?
BABYGIRL69473327: naw it's boring and not hot yet
BABYGIRL69473327: One time when i was in DC last summer I heard u were there but Icouldn't see u!
HoustonSdot: dc's a good place
BABYGIRL69473327: yea it's cool you were doing something for 9.39 radio
HoustonSdot: 93.9 in DC?
HoustonSdot: WKYS
HoustonSdot: yeah
BABYGIRL69473327: yea it was in JULY
BABYGIRL69473327: I Like That I like That!
HoustonSdot: fa sho
BABYGIRL69473327: I'm listening to Keep it in the low now
BABYGIRL69473327: Man I am the Twizala 4 u! LOL
HoustonSdot: good to hear
HoustonSdot: real good to hear
BABYGIRL69473327: it was weird i was listening to you then when I signed on you were on!
BABYGIRL69473327: I have been thinking about u a lot lately just hoping you are getting better.
HoustonSdot: yeah...i dont get on often
HoustonSdot: oh yeah...gettin better every second
HoustonSdot: thanx
BABYGIRL69473327: me neither
BABYGIRL69473327: do u ever go to your website?
HoustonSdot: occasionally
BABYGIRL69473327: yea I try to but those silly young kids make me not want to LOL
BABYGIRL69473327: the ones who talk bad about u
HoustonSdot: if they dont like me then they dont have to buy my album
HoustonSdot: i dont know why they waste time liek that
BABYGIRL69473327: I feel u
BABYGIRL69473327: your album it TIGHT!
HoustonSdot: i tried to do that. i like how it came out
BABYGIRL69473327: I wish I could get in the entertainment bizz but I don't know
HoustonSdot: you can sing?
BABYGIRL69473327: not really LOL
BABYGIRL69473327: but some of these kids out here now can't
HoustonSdot: i know
BABYGIRL69473327: I could act or model but i amm not tall enouugh
HoustonSdot: you dont have to be tall to act, necessarily
BABYGIRL69473327: to model I am 4'11
BABYGIRL69473327: so are u always this quiet lol?
HoustonSdot: not always
HoustonSdot: its just cuz i dont use this stuff much
HoustonSdot: so i sometimes run out of things to say
HoustonSdot: and do other stuff
BABYGIRL69473327: oh I feel u but i would be real grateful if I could see u in person one time.
HoustonSdot: yo
HoustonSdot: i need to catch some rest rite now
BABYGIRL69473327: sup
BABYGIRL69473327: aight well save me as a buddy
HoustonSdot: im goin to sign off
HoustonSdot: in a lil
HoustonSdot: and yeah
HoustonSdot: i added ya
BABYGIRL69473327: thanks cutie

the second one was more resiliant:

stephanieKS91: Ssup
HoustonSdot: hey
stephanieKS91: who r u
HoustonSdot: my name is houston
HoustonSdot: whatz yours?
stephanieKS91: stephanie
stephanieKS91: houston,huh ..
HoustonSdot: course
stephanieKS91: i only know one houston
HoustonSdot: stephanie..of course thatz your name
HoustonSdot: go on
stephanieKS91: well tell me anything about ya to lemme know who ya r
stephanieKS91: I only know one guy called houston - the singer ect ect u know
stephanieKS91: ???
HoustonSdot: name is houston summers...i was born in los angeles
stephanieKS91: so are u that singer?
stephanieKS91: lol
HoustonSdot: my sister;s name is billie
HoustonSdot: yeah
stephanieKS91: OK
HoustonSdot: i enjoy singing
stephanieKS91: well how can i believe you? you could be anyone just saying u r houston
stephanieKS91: you know pharoah?
HoustonSdot: which?
stephanieKS91: well u should know him - if u really r houston
stephanieKS91: do you got a webcam?
HoustonSdot: no i dont got a webcam
stephanieKS91: well okay - so what about pharoah?
stephanieKS91: or what about flame s. / kingsmen ?
stephanieKS91: ?
HoustonSdot: okay - which pharoah?
HoustonSdot: monch?
HoustonSdot: sanders?
HoustonSdot: other?
stephanieKS91: yes - well - the pharoah i am talkin about claims to be ya brotha
stephanieKS91: ?
HoustonSdot: theyre not as important
HoustonSdot: the most important sibling is my sister billie
stephanieKS91: Is Pha ur brotha or not?
HoustonSdot: by birth? sure
stephanieKS91: how old is pha?
HoustonSdot: you dont know?
stephanieKS91: no
stephanieKS91: tell me
stephanieKS91: ?
HoustonSdot: 18 but doesnt look it
stephanieKS91: Oh cmon u r such a lyer - u aint the real houston.I know how old pha is - and he aint 18
HoustonSdot: thought you said you didnt know
HoustonSdot: who's the lyer now?
stephanieKS91: yeah i said that - cuz i wanted to know if u really knew his age - but u dont and that shows that u aint houston
stephanieKS91: Soo?
stephanieKS91: u r the lyer
stephanieKS91: at least it seems so
HoustonSdot: it seems so
HoustonSdot: but think bout it, girl
stephanieKS91: But if you are houston - why dont u know his real age then?
HoustonSdot: like i said, think about it
stephanieKS91: yeah - i thought about it - u AINT houston
HoustonSdot: yo
HoustonSdot: you can think whatcha want
HoustonSdot: it dont change nuthin'
stephanieKS91: well how can i believe you, u r houston?
HoustonSdot: you just can
HoustonSdot: i dont have the time and energy to really try hard to convince you
HoustonSdot: you either believe me or ya dont
stephanieKS91: well then at least tell me the names of ur other broths and sis#
stephanieKS91: or did u forget about their names , too ?
HoustonSdot: how about i tell you that all the way up to my grandfather
HoustonSdot: great grandfather
HoustonSdot: father
HoustonSdot: me
HoustonSdot: were all called houston
stephanieKS91: i just wanna know the names of ur brothers and sisters
stephanieKS91: thats it
stephanieKS91: man do you type with ur feet ??? Or why do you need so long to reply ?
HoustonSdot: i have 6, as follows:
1. billie
2. jerramy
3. percee
4. roger
5. huey
6. sonya
stephanieKS91: sure , man - houston summers has 5 and not 6-and they got different names
stephanieKS91: u r a lyer
stephanieKS91: and jeremmy is his cousin called - just to let you know,buddy
HoustonSdot: are you some sort of stalker?
stephanieKS91: oh yeah sure - why should i be a stalker?
HoustonSdot: im jus sayin'
HoustonSdot: you know too much about me
HoustonSdot: but i need to go now
stephanieKS91: sure
HoustonSdot: i need to catch some rest
stephanieKS91: i just know pharoah
HoustonSdot: tell him i love him
stephanieKS91: thats why i know so mjuch
HoustonSdot: in a manly, non-gay way
stephanieKS91: is he ur brotha or not?
HoustonSdot: no
HoustonSdot: hes not biologically
stephanieKS91: oh but u know himk?
HoustonSdot: hes my "brotha" but not my sibling
HoustonSdot: but like i said
HoustonSdot: i need to go rest 4 a bit
stephanieKS91: he is ur brotha but not s. ?
HoustonSdot: yeah
HoustonSdot: im gonna sign off now

that second bitch was a stalker. fa serious.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Internet's got worms

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Sasser worm spreading rapidly
HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters) -- The fast-spreading "Sasser" computer worm has infected hundreds of thousands of PCs globally and the number could rise sharply, a top computer security official said on Monday.

This shit better not come to the US or I'm gonna have to go outside and fuck up a nerd just on GP.

Keep your ads outta my games

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Ads embedded in video games

The Honolulu Advertiser:
In another sign of video games going mainstream, advertisers who once largely ignored the medium now are trying to dot digital game landscapes with product placement.
Thus the $11-billion-a-year video-game market joins movies and television in facing content controversies.

It was one thing when they came after movies and tv shows, but the sacred art that is video games?

Microsoft gaming chief replaced by chinaman

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Microsoft chief's all business on gaming
Shane Kim gets nauseated when he plays fast-moving 3-D video games. As such, the Harvard business school graduate might seem like an odd choice to be the top creative person in charge of Microsoft's Game Studios division.
Nevertheless, Kim is the point man in Microsoft's ongoing battle with Sony and Nintendo for control of the $25 billion worldwide video games business. In April, the 41-year-old Microsoft veteran was appointed general manager of the software giant's game studios, which makes games for the Xbox console and personal computers. He replaced longtime chief Ed Fries, who enjoyed a good rapport with game creators.

Not to sound all racist or anything, but hopefully this'll improve the quality of their software.

Leave no basketball player behind

(a deleted BC dot C post)

NCAA's latest reform effort draws mixed reviews

Embarrassed by dismal graduation rates, concerned by growing public cynicism and threatened with congressional intervention, the beleaguered NCAA last week unveiled its latest attempt at academic reform.
At a meeting in Indianapolis on Thursday, the governing body for college sports approved new rules that, beginning in 2006, will take away scholarships and postseason eligibility from athletic programs that fail to hit still-unspecified graduation targets.
According to the 2003 NCAA Graduation Report, only 44 percent of basketball players and 54 percent of football players graduated within six years.

Who gives a shit whether or not these people graduate? Most of them should feel lucky to be in college in the first place.

But what about my needs?

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Pope says EU needs Christianity

The News International, Pakistan:

VATICAN CITY: Pope John Paul on Sunday welcomed the 10 new nations of the European Union but said the bloc could only face the challenges of the 21st century if it defended its Christian roots.
The pope, whose native country, Poland, is one of the new countries in the 25-strong EU, told a packed St Peter’s Square Europe’s identity would be "incomprehensible" without Christianity.

Byron says the Pope needs a diaper.

Go fuck in your own yard

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Madonna says 'not in my estate's backyard'

The Chicago Sun-Times:

LONDON -- Madonna and her film director husband Guy Ritchie launch a fight this week in a NIMBY protest -- "not in my backyard" -- against public right of access to their estate in Wiltshire, England.

Usually I would be against something like this, but you know how the British like to fuck in people's yards.

This metrosexual shit has gone too far

(a deleted BC dot C post)

Bachelors styling up, taking beer posters off the wall

The Salt Lake Tribune:

Every guy who is single is aware of the rules of early bachelor living -- thou shalt have at least one piece of homemade furniture, thou shalt use any available floor space as overflow closet, thou shalt mount an animal head on the wall, and thou shalt recycle pizza boxes as place mats.
But single guys also know -- or should know, anyway -- that when college or trade school ends and gainful employment begins those rules go out the window, along with the moose head and the pizza boxes.

What gainful employment has to do with turning your house into Fort Metro is beyond me.

Bol's old posts

I'm going to do something possibly illegal, some would say dick-ridish (no homo): I'm going to copy Bol's old posts which have, for reasons unknown to me, been deleted. The ones that I'll be re-posting all happened on May 3, 2004. Here goes.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fuck Blogger

Fuck Blogger. I dont love that ho.

I made this ultra-pimp post, and guess what? Blogger fucked it up. It was beautiful. I'm sure I was going to win a Nobel Peace Prize or something. I want to make this post as good as possible, but really, I've lost my will to live. No emo.

Until I re-do my post, please enjoy a piece I call "White Girl in Bra"

I won't get no radio playbut I probably get some pussy for this. (What you say?)
I said I won't get no radio play but I probably get some pussy for this.

Monday, April 11, 2005


This is a test. Stop reading this